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5 Myths About Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is massive, with spending on digital advertising in the US alone estimated at more than $9.5 billion.1 Despite its strength and dynamic growth rate – or perhaps because of that – healthcare marketing has failed to shake off some long-standing misperceptions about the nature of the profession and its professionals.

  1. It’s mostly prescription drug advertising.

    Yes, pharmaceutical advertising attracts an enormous amount of marketing dollars. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Healthcare marketers seek and develop new ways to reach consumers as well as healthcare providers directly with a long and growing list of healthcare topics. Specialized care, elective diagnostics, ongoing therapy, and robust wellness initiatives are just a few areas that now grab the attention of top creative minds in the industry.

  2. You need a science degree to work in healthcare.

    Sure, a science background could be an asset in healthcare marketing, but by no means is it essential. Marketing strategists, digital pros of every stripe, media experts, writers, designers, and project managers are just some of the talent profiles that fit and thrive in the healthcare marketplace.

  3. It’s not creative.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the highly competitive nature of healthcare advertising across the board has forced every advertiser, agency, and industry professional to up their game creatively. Proof can be seen in some of the winners of healthcare advertising award competitions featuring incredible work from some of the most creative teams in the industry.

  4. It doesn’t make a difference.

    Healthcare marketing has a profound and measurable impact on many audiences. It can inspire patients to seek the testing and care that’s essential to their health. It can take the form of information-rich outreach to healthcare providers regarding innovative new ways to help their patients. It can be community-based initiatives that bring important health-related messages to audiences who may be hard to reach. Healthcare marketing can result in patients scheduling checkups, tests taken that may not have been before, and providers following the latest protocols, all leading to more positive results. It’s all about making a difference by getting messages about care to those who need them.

  5. There’s little room for career growth.

    Healthcare is and will remain a central pillar of our economy, and its importance grows with each new innovation. Digital healthcare advertising alone has a projected annual growth rate of more than 14%.2 In addition, healthcare marketing provides a prime platform for building a strong career path – within or outside the industry. Skills developed working with clients, including developing marketing strategies, launching digital assets, and creating compelling messaging, are readily transferable to any enterprise that needs talented professionals with a proven ability to create campaigns that provide impact.

Now more than ever, healthcare marketing is a dynamic, growing industry where a wide variety of professionals, novice and experienced alike, make their mark and make a difference. There’s no myth about that.

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