As a group of savvy healthcare marketing executives whose synergy and passion deliver results that outperform expectations, we challenge each other, respect one another, and know how to get it done. Collectively, we have unsurpassed pharma, diagnostic, device, and hospital experience, and the kind of understanding and loyalty that comes from years of successful professional interaction.

Susan Flinn Cobian

President and CEO
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    Sure, Susan’s delivered multimillion-dollar revenue growth to countless clients and is a master of inspiring operational discipline and exceptional service, but what sets her apart is her fierce loyalty, passion, and tenacity. Always ready to hit the ground running, she knows how to get it done.

Brian Zandman

Executive Creative Director
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    Brian is a creative powerhouse with 25 years of experience in creative design and more than a decade of that in the pharmaceutical arena. Brian’s passion for creating beautifully executed, conceptually driven campaigns is matched only by his love for inspiring others to do the same.

Amy Novak

Media Director
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    As our in-house media maven, Amy tirelessly researches opportunities to maximize your media spend across both tried-and-true channels and the latest and greatest technologies. From established products to new product launches across the healthcare spectrum, Amy ensures that we target the right audiences to generate awareness, increase relevance, and, most importantly, convert customers.

Jennifer Fry Devault

Creative Director
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    Regulations, referencing, and PIs, oh my! As a writer, these things can lead to chills of dread; however, Fry welcomes the challenges they pose. With more than 20 years in the industry (10 of those as a medical editor), she is well versed in the highly regulated world of healthcare advertising. And as a fan of the written word, Fry is as comfortable writing long-form product brochures, customer slide decks, and even the odd white paper as she is writing National Dog Day social posts.

Mark Rowland

Director of Operations and Client Engagement
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    A senior marketing leader, former academic, and entrepreneur with deep agency experience working across B2B and B2C industries, Mark is a man of many talents, all of which are put to good use at SFC Group. Mark also has broad healthcare experience, including pharmaceuticals, narcotics, and medical device distribution as well as a background in fine arts—which might be how he ended up bowling with the famed creator of the Chicago Bean, or as arty types call it, Cloud Gate.

Kate McBreen

Account Director
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    Wicked smart and deceptively funny, Kate is organized, experienced, and efficient. She has honed these skills over her years as an account director and marketing consultant for a number of pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare research companies. Straightlaced when she needs to be, Kate often keeps us in stitches on status calls and virtual happy hours.

Allison Weakly

Account Director
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    With an attention to detail that’s meticulous but not fussy, Allison brings a sense of calm confidence you crave in an account director—especially in a fast-paced environment. Much of this could be attributed to her 15 years of experience managing projects at agencies both large and small. The rest is because of her uncanny ability to be decisive on the fly and her willingness to deliver the answers you need whenever you need them.

Kelsey Cellarius

Account Executive
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    A new mom, Kelsey is a true master of multitasking. Pulled in seven directions, facing a to-do list as long as her arm, she never loses her cool. “Smart,” “meticulous,” and “organized” only scratch the surface of this talented account executive. We depend on her to keep jobs on strategy, on time, and on budget, while being the best part of the client’s day. And she never disappoints.

Kristy Wilkinson

Associate Creative Director
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    Kristy comes to us with a boatload of experience and the saint-level patience that can only come from raising two tiny children while wrangling a full-time job AND a giant dog. Her work is thoughtful, creative, and, dare we say it, darn near perfect. She has that rare combination of talent, speed, and a “never say never” attitude that makes her such a valuable team member.

Savannah Muncy, PharmD

Copywriter / Medical Editor
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    Savannah has a treasure trove of clinical expertise as a pharmacist and she brings a breath of fresh Southern air to SFC Group. She’s also whip smart and fast, which is a must in the world of healthcare advertising. A writer at heart with the mind of a scientist, Savannah took a left turn out of the pharmacy and found her way to us. She’s a one-two punch of talent and experience that we’re thrilled to have as part of our team.

Joe Cunningham

Director of Digital Strategy
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    Joe is our master of media and analytics with a technical knowledge of digital advertising tools that is second to none. We rely heavily on his expertise to guide our clients in the direction of the most eyeballs and click-throughs. With experience working on premier brands like Cisco, LinkedIn, and Porsche and advanced capabilities in all of the abbreviations (SEO, SEM, and KPI tracking) as well as Google Analytics and Paid Social, he never steers us wrong. If you want to get on his good side, send him a deep-dish pizza, because he misses it as deeply as we appreciate his talents—which is to say a LOT.

Patrick Jackson

Senior Developer
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    A daring developer and WordPress ninja with an entrepreneurial mindset, Patrick has more than 15 years of experience managing software projects, designing and developing innovative systems, and implementing solutions that improve market share and profitability.