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5 steps toward more productive creative collaboration

5 Steps Toward More Productive Creative Collaboration

Most of us here at SFC Group have been around the proverbial block…quite a few times actually. And over the years we’ve learned what to do and what not to do in terms of collaboration between Account and Creative and the Client. Because this can sometimes turn into a relationship rife with strife, we thought it was only polite to share.

  1. Be specific.

    Ambiguity and vague comments can be a big time suck. Providing straightforward direction and specific feedback can go a long way toward getting the creative product we can all be proud of…without wasting time guessing or hunting for answers.

  2. Be timely.

    Timelines exist for a reason. If due dates for feedback are missed, the whole process gets delayed. By giving your feedback when it’s expected—when the creative team has planned for it—turnaround will be efficient. And yes, timely.

  3. Be prepared.

    Take time to prepare for creative reviews so you can provide thoughtful, SPECIFIC feedback. Flying by the seat of your pants doesn’t fly when it comes to providing immediately actional feedback. Speaking of which…

  4. Make feedback actionable.

    Leverage your knowledge of the brand, strategy, and the project itself to provide the creative team with clear next steps and what’s ahead.

  5. Let creatives do what they do best.

    By all means, tap into traditional platforms such as digital, print, and radio. But be willing to pursue less obvious options as well. Out-of-home ads, unusual special events, co-op advertising in novel settings (gyms, shopping carts, movie theaters), and vehicle-based branding (car/truck/bus wraps) are just some of the tools you should consider for your marketing toolbox.

When it’s all said and done, crafting creative that moves the needle without driving anyone mad in the process is a true team effort where we all have a say (provided it’s delivered in a timely, forthright manner).

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