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In-Person Meetings, Yea or Nay?

Our team is spread out across the country, and the ability to connect virtually is an absolute necessity. But there’s nothing like getting together in a room. The small talk, the non-verbal cues, the direct eye contact (yes, even that random side-eye)—all those things are vital to bonding and building meaningful relationships. Here are some reasons why meeting face-to-face is so important:

  • icon: 3 faces smiling and laughingIn-person meetings provide a sense of connection and empathy that’s nearly impossible to replicate via video. Body language, facial expressions, and eye contact can help you gauge how interested other people are in the conversation and provide insight into how they may be feeling about the challenge at hand.
  • icon: 2 people talkingWhen you’re meeting in person, you know that everyone participating is fully present and listening attentively—no cats, babies, or barking dogs to distract. It can also foster creative ideation, giving participants the ability to visually illustrate their ideas on a whiteboard to make sure everyone understands their vision.
  • icon person in a lightbulbGetting people out of their normal environment helps them think differently. And, if you do it right, you can build an engaging experience that shakes up their normal worldview to help them come up with new solutions to nagging challenges.

All the tools and technology that make working remotely possible have made SFC Group possible. And while each of us is a veteran “work-from-homer,” we leap at the chance to get together in person. As a virtual agency before “virtual” was even a thing, we know how to make the most of meeting face-to-face, including everything from choosing the venue to planning menus to fine-tuning agendas, and that makes the difference between a productive meeting and a monumental waste of time.

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