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Oh, What Fun We Had in 2022

As I write this on the morning of December 31st, we’re on the cusp of flipping the calendar to 2023, and I can’t help but reflect upon the many accomplishments of 2022 for SFC Group. So as not to ramble on incessantly, I will highlight 3 in particular.


We’ve won an astounding 78 awards for various clients. That’s incredible! While being acknowledged by our peers in creative healthcare marketing is an honor, the real reward is helping our clients achieve success with their brands. Let’s look at SenesTech for instance. Our one-of-a-kind biotech client offers a unique solution to a dirty problem: rat infestations. How does an agency steeped in traditional healthcare experience market birth control for rats? A slew of out-of-the-box ideas for marketing their products supported by a super-sexy campaign did the trick.

ContraPest: Communicator Award of Excellence & Award of Distinction; AVA Digital Gold Award; Hermes Platinum Award; NYX Marcom Gold Award; Muse Gold Award; W3 Best in Show & Silver Awards; Two MarCom Platinum Awards; Two Rx Club Awards of Excellence

Elevate: MarCom Platinum Award; Rx Club Award of Excellence

The REAL reward? SenesTech saw an unprecedented 300% increase in sales!

We just keep growin’

Our goal is to be a one-stop destination, both for clients and healthcare marketing professionals, for innovative marketing ideas that shatter the big pharma mold. Why? Because it not only attracts new clients but new talent. In 2022 alone, we won 6 new clients and hired 9 new SFC Groupies. Speaking of growth, our Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Challenge resulted in 19 pets in various stages of growth (or lack thereof) and identified who among us has the greenest of thumbs.

We really worked it

Last year was busy. Like, BUSY. Anyone with experience in healthcare marketing or pharmaceutical advertising knows that big-agency processes can slow workflow to a snail’s pace. But without those fetters, you’re free to get work done. And boy, did we.

From websites to landing pages to banner ads to videos, emails, and retargeting campaigns, digital was king in 2022. And because it’s efficient and effective, it’s sure to continue dominating tactical plans in 2023. We also created print campaigns to complement digital efforts and delivered sales aids to facilitate in-person sales. Let’s not forget in-person experiences. We created booth panels, attended industry events, and held a number of workshops to help clients start 2023 off on the right foot.

What’s next?

Another busy year lies ahead and we’re ready to meet it head on. If you’re looking for a team of passionate professionals, all of whom are hellbent on your success, then by all means, drop us a line.

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