Despite being the U.S. leader in lipid injectable emulsions, Fresenius Kabi had only ever promoted each of their 3 products individually, which diminished the fact that they are a market leader and actually offer a full portfolio of products. Fresenius Kabi is an innovator in the world of parenteral nutrition (PN). We underscored their groundbreaking work with “innovations that nourish” and crafted a fish-themed campaign to highlight their position as a pioneer in the use of fish oil and omega-3s in PN.

We bolstered Fresenius Kabi Nutrition’s web presence by taking 3 very different product
sites and combining them into a single, strikingly different website that featured simple
navigation, bold colors, and snack-sized copy blocks.

Print Ads

Building on “Innovations that Nourish,” we wanted to “warm up” PN by connecting it
to the people who benefit, whether it be patients or their caregivers. We expanded
campaign verbiage to include such lines as, “innovations that engage,” “innovations
that inspire,” and “innovations that embrace.”

Social Media

Fresenius Kabi Nutrition was the first business unit to launch their own HCP-targeted
social media platform. Adding branded social channels and a consistent brand voice
further expanded their reach and established them as a true authority for PN-related
information. We augmented the social strategy to include high-impact media, such as
audiograms and animated videos, while making Fresenius Kabi Nutrition’s social
presence more personal, human, engaging, and relevant.

Interactive Sales Aid App

We created an immersive sales aid (an app) that highlights Fresenius
Kabi Nutrition’s commitment to PN—inclusive of all brands. The fully
interactive app demonstrates the use of PN through the patient journey
from hospital to home. The sales aid was specifically designed to be
featured at trade shows as an interactive touchscreen.

Awards won:

2021: Award of Distinction, Communicator; Gold, AVA Digital; Silver, Aster; Platinum, Hermes; Gold, dotCOMM; Gold, Davey; Grand, NYX Marcom; Platinum, MarCom; Award of Excellence, Rx Club

2022: Silver, Davey; Platinum, Hermes; Silver, NYX Marcom; Gold, Muse; Gold, MarCom

2023: Gold, Communicator