Persuade people that it's time to get their joints jumping again—even in the midst of a pandemic.

Convincing people to get elective surgery in the time of COVID required a positive, eye-catching campaign that really spurred people to take action for a more active life. With bright, energizing colors and real-patient photography backed by Goshen's world-class orthopedic offerings, we helped people recognize that it truly was time to get their joints jumping again.

Print Materials

We created a multi-tiered campaign featuring a vibrant, eye-catching look, a simple yet memorable
mantra, and a near-perfect URL that got people with painful joints jumping for joy.

Billboards and Signage

We blanketed the region with a hard-to-miss message and look that targeted people wherever they were
experiencing pain…in line, on the practice field, at the gym, or just driving around.

Van Wrap

The town was jumping with a colorfully wrapped community van.

Awards won:

2021: Award of Excellence, Communicator; Gold, Aster; Gold, Hermes, Silver, MM&M, Gold, NYX Marcom; Platinum, MarCom; Award of Excellence, Rx Club

2022: Gold, Muse