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Hologic has long been a champion and leading innovator for women’s health and has recently expanded into pelvic care with a new radiofrequency (RF) procedure for overactive bladder (OAB). We needed to educate, recruit, encourage, and nurture both women and their physicians throughout the BETTER: Control OAB Clinical Trial process.

Clinical Trial Website

We created a single website with pages for both physicians and women and a separate portal for trial participants. We distilled a lot of clinical information into digestible chunks and designed approachable pages to lead users toward deciding whether this trial was right for them. Videos and a bladder diary helped to make the trial experience as simple as possible for trial participants.

Better OAB home page on laptop and phone

Clinical Trial Videos

We created 2 videos to educate prospective and current participants on the treatments and how they work as well as how to complete the bladder diary. Simple and highly graphic, they were designed to anticipate any questions patients might have and deliver straightforward, informative answers.

Patient Brochure

An informational brochure rounded out the suite of materials to show women there’s a BETTER way to control OAB.

Better OAB Trial Patient Brochure

Clinical Trial Identity

Creating a strong and appealing identity was crucial to attract potential participants, establish credibility, and differentiate the trial from other trials. A teal and purple color palette combined with simple graphics effectively achieved this goal.

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Awards won:

Gold, Hermes Awards; Honorable Mention, dotCOMM Awards; Gold, Muse; Gold, MarCom; Award of Excellence, Rx Club