A new gynecologic surgical solutions product marketing team at Hologic tasked us with overhauling their online presence. With seven products, three patient sites, a design stuck in the past, and an abbreviated timeline, this was an all-hands-on-deck job. After performing a comprehensive website audit, our recommendation was to combine a total of 6 sites into a single, branded site, aligning them from a user, content, design, and search perspective with two distinct portals: patient (DTC) and professional (HCP).


We started with a comprehensive copy review and a full redesign as well as a photo shoot to
personalize the patient site. Copy was reworked throughout the patient pages to be approachable,
educational, and singular in voice and tone. From the strategic planning to site mapping,
wireframing to UX, and creating a consistent look and feel, we got the new site up and running in record time.


To introduce the new site as the single destination for Hologic’s gynecologic surgical solutions and pull the thread of
personalization through, we created a video for the landing page that told the story of Hologic’s dedication to
women’s health. Because her health is as important to Hologic as she is to those who love her.

Awards won:

2021: Platinum, dotCOMM; Gold, NYX Marcom; Award of Excellence, Rx Club

2022: Award of Distinction, Communicator; Gold, AVA Digital; Gold, Hermes; Gold, Muse; Silver, W3