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ONE Big Deal for Us. One BIGGER Deal for Clients.

Since we launched SFC Group 5+ years ago, we’ve experienced exponential growth year over year. But nothing compares to our most recent growth spurt, courtesy of a fortuitous, yet strategic, acquisition.

Our ONE shared dream as an agency has always been (and always will be) to be better, do better, and deliver better. Everything we do is in pursuit of that dream. That’s why, when this opportunity presented itself, it made our hearts sing.

What’s the deal?

SFC Group has acquired CareContent, a Chicago-based agency focused solely on creating accessible and educational content for healthcare organizations. With this acquisition comes a truly talented team – all women! — who share our vision of doing better. Check out the press release.

When our fearless leader, Susan Flinn Cobian, first met CareContent founder Kadesha Thomas Smith for coffee in downtown Chicago, she saw more than a kindred spirit, she saw a mirror image of SFC Group – woman-owned business, healthcare focused, committed to excellence – and she jumped at the chance to bring them into the SFC Group family.

Why is it a BIG deal?

By acquiring a team focused on content creation, we’ve turbocharged our own capabilities.


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Content Strategy: Strategy is the blueprint for your web presence. It is the first step to help your healthcare organization define its target audiences, key messages, and calls to action. Without a well-researched and robust strategy, you can’t fully meet your organization’s goals — and a web presence built without a strategy is honestly a waste of money.

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Podcasts: Podcasting has EXPLODED in recent years. It seems like everyone has one. But are they all good? Most emphatically, no. For every podcast that touches, teaches, and inspires, there are 10 that will likely bore you to tears. From ideation to strategy to production to editing, our ONE bigger team is equipped to deliver podcasts that pique interest, drive action, and cultivate a fan base.

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Blogs: Again, everyone and their brother seems to have a blog. With good reason. If the content is good, it grows legs. If the content is great, it grows wings, with nearly endless ways to leverage it. For the best bang for your buck, look to our content creating experts for stories that soar.

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Social Media: Today, if you’re not on social you don’t exist. But it can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for your marketing team. And if it’s not, maybe it should be. Because honestly, it’s that important. Our expanded team of content creators includes strategists, writers, and graphic designers who are all experts in keeping people engaged. After all, isn’t that what social was built for?

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Analytics & Accessibility: If you’re going digital, then you need to make sure it’s working not just for you, but for your target audiences. Healthcare organizations have an obligation to ensure they’re sharing the right content. Consistently evaluating your digital presence ensures that you’re reaching your audiences, maximizing your investment, and not excluding anyone. By leveraging data and accessibility tools to evaluate everything we produce, we make sure we’re meeting audiences exactly where they are.

We’re so thrilled to have seized this opportunity with CareContent. As ONE, we will forge a stronger agency, drive further growth, and create more value for our employees, clients, and stakeholders. It is our pleasure to present ONE big team with an even BIGGER dream. And so, with this plethora of talent and a desire to exceed expectations coursing through our blood, the only question that remains is what can we do for you?