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When Heart Meets Art: The Human Touch in AI-Driven Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare communications isn’t just about pushing drugs and hawking devices; it’s about people, real-life stories, and emotions. As AI makes its foray into healthcare marketing, offering efficiency and a semblance of creativity, as marketers, we have to ask ourselves, “does it truly speak to our human experience or is it undermining our efforts to connect?”

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The echoes of emotion in AI-created content

When AI takes on the mantle of a copywriter, it often churns out phrases littered with superlatives and over-the-top metaphors. But when you’re trying to connect with, say, patients with brain tumors, AI misses the emotional pull, the genuine sense of understanding, and often the accurate statistics to support the story. In other words, all the things a talented human writer weaves into the narrative.

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Storytelling: the human saga

Storytelling in marketing isn’t just about grammatically correct sentences and strategically placed product mentions. It’s about understanding your target—their preferences, proclivities, and pain points. To tell a story that moves people to action, you have to do research…talk to them…get in their heads. AI can scrub the internet all day and night and come up with 1,000 profiles and scenarios, but without boots on the ground, they’ll all ring hollow. This may fly in an AI-generated sitcom, but when it comes to selling healthcare, if you don’t know your audience, your efforts will fall flat.

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Navigating the medical, legal, regulatory (MLR) maze

Looking to create content replete with references and adherence to regulatory restrictions? Don’t look to AI. Yes, it’s convenient, easy, and FAST. And gosh, sometimes it sounds so real. But unless you want to stand in front of an MLR team with your pants down, then by all means, seek out your favorite AI assistant. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself and your agency, you’d best stick to what’s proven to work: learning the product inside out, developing style sheets, and creating iron-clad reference libraries.

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SFC Group difference: humanity in creativity

At SFC Group, we believe in the power of human creativity, where every word is chosen with care, every message crafted with MLR in mind, and every campaign designed to make a difference. I’ll admit, we’ll harness AI to bounce ideas, promote versatility in phrasing, and cartoonize our coworkers (shhh…), but we never let it overshadow the human intelligence that truly connects and engages.

If you’re seeking to create campaigns that do more than just reach eyes but touch hearts while moving the needle, it’s time to collaborate with SFC Group. Reach out to us, and let’s infuse your brand with creativity that’s genuinely human.

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