Anyone who has allergies or asthma knows how hard it is to get symptoms like wheezing, sneezing, or itching under control—even after seeing a doctor. Problem is, they’re likely seeing the WRONG doctor. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology needed to raise awareness among both patients and their providers about the importance of seeing the RIGHT one—a board-certified, fellowship-trained allergist. Because when you’re suffering from allergies and/or asthma, it’s time for an allergist.


We partnered with a celebrity to help convince primary care providers that, when their patients suffer from allergies or asthma, it’s time for an allergist. John C. McGinley played Dr. Cox in the Emmy Award-winning comedy Scrubs with a level of humor and intelligence we knew would fit this campaign perfectly. The videos he stars in are not just funny, educational, and relatable, but credible.

We developed a campaign-branded microsite to showcase the videos and act as a landing
pad for patients and providers. Simple, streamlined, and intended to drive visits and referrals
to allergists, we put the CTA front and center with the ability to find an allergist nearby.

Print Materials

A branded, customizable toolkit was created for allergists to download and use to extend their reach within the community.
From email templates to office posters to postcards to an infographic, each component extolled the importance of seeking
a board-certified, fellowship-trained allergist to end the cycle of suffering with allergies or asthma.

Awards won:

2022: Platinum, MarCom; Gold, MarCom; 2 Gold, Viddy

2023: Gold & Honorable Mention, AVA Digital; 3 Gold, Muse; Gold, NYX Marcom; Grand & Gold, NYX Video; Platinum, Gold, & Honorable Mention, Hermes; Silver, Communicator; Gold, Aster; 2 Platinum, dotCOMM; Finalist, MM+M; Gold, MarCom; 2 Gold & 1 Silver, Davey; 2 Platinum & 1 Gold, Titan Health; 2 Awards of Excellence, Rx Club