Roof rats have historically been hard to target because they live and breed out of reach. The Elevate Bait System™ with ContraPest® is birth control for rats that reproduce up high. How do we make that apparent at a glance? Well, we demonstrate that if rat love is in the air, you need to elevate your bait.

Magazine Ad

Original 3D art is a real showstopper. Nestling our rat lovers inside the
actual bait station connects the rats with the product while injecting it with
serious personality, which makes for a journal ad you can’t help but read.

Logo: MedAdNews Manny Awards 2023 Finalist


But how does birth control for rats work? Teeny-tiny prophylactics? And
why wouldn’t you just poison them? We developed this whiteboard video
to explain how ContraPest works and why it truly makes a difference
when it comes to rat infestations. Watch and learn.

Print Materials

We turned the volume up on educating people about why Elevate is the
perfect solution for rats whose paws never touch the ground with
a series of sell sheets.

Social Media

We rounded out the campaign across social platforms with posts that were
heavy on the graphics, steeped in innuendo, and sure to elicit a reaction.

Awards won:

2022: Platinum, MarCom; Award of Excellence, Rx Club

2023: Silver, Muse; Manny Awards Finalist; Grand & Gold, NYX Marcom; Platinum, Hermes; Gold, Communicator; Gold, Aster; Silver, Davey