Over the years, Thermo Fisher Scientific has invested in creating an innovative, comprehensive imaging offering, but awareness among the scientific community remained low. We sought to create a conversation between Thermo Fisher and the researchers they serve to see what they’re looking for from their cellular imaging supplier and then show them that Thermo Fisher can not only fulfill their every need, but do it more beautifully than anyone else.

Print Ads

We used real-world stats, brilliant imagery, and an invitation to researchers to share
their vision for the future of cellular imaging to achieve deeper insight into the
needs of this community. Using a beautifully simple tagline, “Our vision is to fulfill
yours,” our goal was to establish a connection then demonstrate how we have
exactly what they’re looking for…and more.

Website Landing Page

Every tactic drove to a dedicated landing page with a call to action to provide feedback. A simple survey enabled us to see what tops the list for researchers with regard to their cellular imaging needs.



We created a dynamic video to grab the attention of researchers across
social media platforms and round out a consistent campaign that also
happens to be stunningly beautiful.


We augmented the social strategy for this campaign to include highly
shareable audiograms, which worked to grab our target audience’s
attention while they scrolled through their social media.

Awards won:

2022: Honorable Mention, Hermes; Gold, Muse; Gold, MarCom; 2 Awards of Excellence, Rx Club

2023: Grand, NYX Marcom; Gold, Communicator