Women with heavy, painful periods often suffer in silence for months, even years, before seeking treatment. Mainly because they believe hysterectomy is their only option. But now, there’s the Acessa procedure, a low-risk, non-invasive solution to Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) associated with fibroids. We were tasked with getting the word out to help women speak up and seek treatment—because there’s a new procedure in town.


Straightforward, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, billboards are clear and to the
point with the URL doing double duty as a call to action and a link to more information.

Transit Shelters

Transit shelters were personalized to location and “punny” copy drew readers in. Women living with AUB from fibroids are encouraged by the URL to Silence the Suffering.

Gas Station Television

Short, snappy video runs where women run regularly: gas stations. The video plays to a captive audience, captures their attention by being entertaining enough to watch over and over, and ends on a memorable URL: FixFibroids.com

Awards won:

2022: Honorable Mention, Hermes; Silver, Muse; Gold, PM360 Trailblazer; Honorable Mention, MarCom