TriNav® from TriSalus Life Sciences® is a one-of-a-kind device designed to increase perfusion and penetration of therapy into solid tumors, which are notoriously tough nuts to crack. We needed to craft the story of TriNav so that it would appeal to both interventional radiologists and surgical oncologists.

The existing site was a single scrolling page that did nothing to showcase the genius behind this
device. We created a multi-page site that shows how TriNav can help patients facing potentially
grim outcomes, how simple it is to use, and why it’s different from anything else—sensibly and
clearly. Not to mention beautifully.

Print Materials

To invite interventional radiologists and surgical oncologists to a take a deeper dive
into this new way to treat tumors, we created print ads for distinct journals targeting
our distinct audiences. We also developed a video mailer to contain our video
explaining TriNav’s eligibility for Transitional Pass-Through payment.

Convention Booth

The booth was designed to focus on the unique action of the TriNav device rather
than the company. Bold illustrations clearly demonstrate the benefit of TriNav,
namely that it drives therapy where no other microcatheter can – deep into the tumor.

Awards won:

Award of Distinction, Communicator; Platinum, Hermes; Gold, Muse; Gold, NYX Marcom; Platinum, AVA Digital