Rats. They're dirty in more ways than one and reproduce like crazy. Poison has traditionally been the tool of choice to rid farms, granaries, cities, and homes of infestation. But SenesTech came up with a cleaner, more environmentally friendly option. Birth control for rats. And they needed a high-impact way to get the word out. We started with one rallying cry: Support Safe Rat Sex!

Print Ad

Tongue-in-cheek copy gets straight to the point and saturated green
color says “environmentally friendly” without saying
“environmentally friendly.” Seeing this ad, who wouldn’t want to
support safe rat sex?

Outdoor Media

Bold bus shelters, bus advertisements, and billboard in California were a high-
impact way to bring attention to a cleaner, more humane way to eliminate rat

Trade Show Banners

Traditional pest management involves trapping and killing. Imagine coming across
these bright green banners touting safe rat sex. Show stopping, right?

Radio Ads

Steamy and sultry, these spots draw you in then take an unexpected
turn into the land of rat reproduction.

Awards won:

Award of Excellence & Award of Distinction, Communicator; Platinum, Hermes; Gold, Muse; Gold, NYX Marcom; Gold, AVA Digital; Silver, NYX Marcom; Honorable Mention, MarComm; Award of Excellence, Rx Club