Goshen Health is a non-profit organization with more than 35 facilities offering comprehensive care from cradle to grave. However, there was little to no recognition of all they had to offer. The answer? A campaign that painted Goshen Health in a light that reflected its mission to facilitate good health—top to bottom—throughout the community. To help people live vibrantly.

Wanting to take a more personal approach, we used actual Goshen, Indiana, community members in the campaign. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, we were able to capture the true essence of living vibrantly in the faces of those doing so every day.

Print Ads

We developed a campaign to splash across Goshen, Indiana, inviting people to
live vibrantly—and Goshen Health has everything you need to do just that.

Video Series

We looked outside the box to find quirky ways of showing people living vibrantly. This series of videos inspires
a sense of fun and exemplifies our “live vibrantly” message.


Simple. Graphic. Vibrant. These billboards are an eye-catching and memorable reminder
that Goshen Health can help you live VIBRANTLY.

Community Park Benches

Vibrant, hand-painted benches were placed throughout community parks to demonstrate Goshen Health’s
commitment to improving the lives of Goshen’s people in a fun, active, and vibrant way.

Awards won:

2021: Silver, Davey; Silver, NYX Marcom; Award of Excellence, RX Club

2022: Award of Excellence & Award of Distinction, Communicator; Platinum, AVA Digital; Platinum, Hermes; Gold & Silver, Muse