ARIA is a comprehensive digital care management platform that links patients and partnered providers in one system. If it sounds complicated, it was. Their website did nothing to help visitors understand what ARIA was, what the components were, and how everything worked together. We needed to define every aspect of ARIA and ARIA Home PT and the benefits each could bring in a clear, understandable way to both providers and patients.

We expanded their single-page website to 4 pages to better explain the various components of ARIA and
created videos to bolster the narrative. Short blocks of copy tell the story in a clear way, and simple
flow charts demonstrate the benefits of ARIA Home PT to providers and patients.

desktop decor
mobile decor


We created three different videos to bring the benefits of ARIA and ARIA Home PT to life. The videos make what was
a complex story of many moving parts clear and easy to understand. It was exactly what our client was looking for.

Print Materials

Journal ads and brochures continue to tell a consistent, cohesive story to demonstrate the
efficiency and convenience that ARIA can bring to ASCs and orthopedic surgeons.

Awards won:

2021: Platinum, dotCOMM; Gold, Davey; Grand, NYX Marcom; Platinum, MarCom

2022: Award of Distinction, Communicator; Platinum, AVA Digital; Platinum, Hermes; Platinum, Muse