Regular testing for cervical cancer is one of the best ways to identify early signs of disease. We needed to raise awareness around the importance of regular Pap tests and drive referrals to the Goshen Center for Cancer Care. However, as any woman knows, a Pap test isn’t something one likes to think about—so, many don’t. The answer? A catchy campaign that urges women to get a Pap ASAP.


This campaign lends itself beautifully to the simplicity needed for an
attention-grabbing billboard. The URL does double duty as the call to action.

Journal Ad

A journal ad pairs the recognizable white and teal ribbon signifying
cervical cancer with a memorable headline and the double-duty URL.

Radio Ad

A radio ad sends the message to women to get a Pap ASAP
over the airwaves for even greater reach.

Awards won:

2023: Gold & Honorable Mention, Hermes; 2 Silver, Communicator; Platinum, Viddy; 4 Silver, Muse; Silver, PM360 Trailblazer; Finalist, MM+M; Platinum & 3 Gold, MarCom; Gold & Silver, Davey; 3 Silver, Titan Health; 2 Awards of Excellence, Rx Club
2024: Silver, NYX Marcom