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Kabrita USA is a division of Ausnutria, a company with over 100 years of dairy and infant nutrition expertise and a worldwide leader in goat milk formulas. Until now, goat milk infant formula did not exist in the U.S. We needed to build the category as a better, more natural alternative to cow milk formulas.

We created this microsite to help parents see goat milk formula as the natural solution that delivers the easy digestion their babies need to rest easy. Built for both parents and healthcare professionals, the site leverages science and real-world reviews to encourage people to Get to Know Goat.

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Fact Sheet

Breast milk may be best but most parents will supplement with formula at some point, especially as the infant grows older. We created this fact sheet to demonstrate that goat milk may just be the next best thing.

image of two "By the numbers" fact sheets.

Social Media

New parents look to social media for information, advice, and support. We created an entire social media campaign to help them “get to know goat.”

instagram post. Image of kabrita goat milk container with text: coming later this year. Europe's first FDA-authorized goat milk formula to hit the U.S.
instagram post. Image of two baby goats with text, "what do tehse sweet little goats have to do with sleeping babies?"
Instagram post. Image of bottle with baby goat, Get to know goat logo, and text, "It's as close to breast milk as it gets."
Instagram post. Moon and stars with baby bottle, Get to know goat logo, and text, "After nine months in total darkness, you'd want comfort food, too."
Instagram post. Image of mother with baby drinking out of bottle, Get to know goat logo, and text, "The best alternative to breast milk is pure and simple."
instagram post. Image of baby hands holding a bottle and text, "Gentle, wholesome goodness is about to be born."
instagram post. Image of baby holding bottle with text, "Coming Soon. FDA-authorized goat milk infant formula from the Netherlands."
instagram post. Image of mother with baby, Get to know goat logo, and text, "Naturally gentle on tummies. Naturally easier to digest, too."

Announcement Emails

A series of educational emails to both healthcare providers and consumers rounded out this comprehensive launch campaign.

Screen shot of Customer FDA Authorization email
Screen shot of Retailer FDA Authorization Email
Screen shot of HCP FDA Authorization email
Awards won:

2023: Honorable Mention, MarCom; Gold, Titan Health
2024: Silver, NYX Marcom