When Karius launched its eponymous infectious disease diagnostic test under its corporate brand, customers were confused by a product with the same name as the company, impeding adoption. “Karius the company” needed a strong brand identity for “Karius the test” to remove any confusion, differentiate the test, and pave the way for sales.

Print Materials

We teased out the corporate tagline, “Clarity at Speed,” in a campaign called “Clarity in Bloom.”
Using nature for inspiration, we married the beauty of blossoms with an up-close view of
pathogens themselves to illustrate how the Karius test delivers Clarity in Full Bloom in
infectious disease identification.

Convention Materials

The campaign launched at the biggest and most prestigious microbiology event, ASM MICROBE 2019,
yielding exposure to more than 8,500 attendees.

Awards won:

2020: Award of Distinction, Communicator; Gold, Aster; Platinum, Hermes; Platinum, MarCom