artistic interpretation of a cancer cell with text "3D Predict™" overlayed.

Kiyatec is a leader in functional precision oncology dedicated to revolutionizing cancer care. Their 3D Predict™ cell culture technology delivers patient-specific evidence of response to chemotherapy prior to treatment initiation. Knowing which therapy works before subjecting patients to the potentially damaging effects of chemo…well, that IS revolutionary. And their marketing efforts needed to reflect that.

Journal Ad

Every body is different. So a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t make sense for cancer treatment. Our bold journal ad illustrates that by seamlessly marrying a powerful patient image with a dynamic representation of cancer cells, all linked by the universal language of “MOA” (Mechanism of Action). It’s the epitome of personalized healthcare, putting the patient at the heart of it all.

full page magazine advertisement showcasing Mechanism of Alice
3D graphic of cancer cell beside photo of a bearded man in hoodie and knit cap. Text overlay: Mechanism of Alex.

Convention Materials

Kiyatec’s trade show presence needed to be as striking as their science. We pulled our “MOA” concept through to convention materials to create a memorable experience. A suite of consistently branded promotional and educational materials helps to solidify Kiyatec’s position as an industry leader.

Photos of kiosk at a convention
Photos of kiosk at a convention
Photos of Kiyatec postcards
photo of two Kiyatec posters on a brick wall

Kiyatec’s original website fell far short of showcasing their revolutionary approach to cancer care. We revamped the user experience, distilled complex content into digestible chunks, and introduced a patient-focused section. The result? A digital platform that embodies Kiyatec’s pioneering spirit and solidifies their position as leaders in functional precision oncology.

Social Media

Kiyatec is making a splash across its social channels with its bold, new branding while delivering clear, straightforward content that both educates and enlightens.

Cancer cell image with text: Are you at SSG 2023
Image of cancer cell and man with text World Lung Cancer Day
cancer cell with text Big thanks to the ABTA!
Cancer cell image, pink ribbon, and images of women with text: National breast cancer awareness month
Cancer cell with text: Thanks for stopping by!
cancer cell with calendar and tex: we deliver patient tumor-specific therapeutic response evidence within 7-10 days
Animated gif with images of several people and text: Use 3D Predict to help guide treatment for HGG
glioma graphic with text: Nix the need for guesswork with 3D predict glioma.
animated gif with cancer cell rotating and text: don't miss the next advancement in HGG treatment. Meet us at the ABTA national meeting.
Animated gif with text Kiyatec's 3D predict™ uses live tissue

Print Materials

Known for its innovative approach to revealing response to chemotherapy using 3D cell culture technology, Kiyatec can now promote themselves with a suite of beautifully branded print materials.

Collection of print material
Woman with bag with Kiyatec print materials
Woman with bag with Kiyatec print materials
Kiyatec print materials
Awards won:

2023: Gold & Silver, Titan Health
2024: 2 Silver, Muse; 3 Silver, NYX Marcom; 4 Platinum & 1 Gold, Hermes; Gold & Silver, Communicator; Gold, Titan Health