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Turkey Talk: Dishing on Digital Ad Jargon

Have you ever been bombarded by a litany of acronyms? Or been left wondering what the heck this means?

“We need to A/B test our creative to fine-tune our CTR and improve user engagement.”

~ Or this? ~

“Let’s leverage retargeting to bring prospects back into the funnel, optimize our SEM and SEO strategy, and fine-tune our landing page UX for maximum conversion rates.”

Whether you’re new to the industry or are simply tired of deciphering the jargon, we got you. Here’s a crib sheet to help you navigate digital ad-land lingo.

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A/B testing

This is the marketing lab experiment. You try two versions of something and see which one performs better. It’s like baking two batches of cookies to find out which one’s tastier. Except we do it with things like email marketing, ad copy and creative, calls to action, and SEO—not terribly tasty, but it can deliver delicious results.

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Conversion rate

This gauges how well your website or marketing efforts are turning curious visitors into active participants. The higher the conversion rate, the better you’re doing at turning visitors into leads. Content, page load speed, UX, the complexity of forms, and clear CTAs all have a hand in impacting conversion rates. Take a look at a previous blog post by a true wizard of the world wide web.

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CTA or call to action

This is a friendly nudge that persuades users to take a desired step. A well-crafted CTA gently points them toward signing up, buying, or exploring more. It’s important to sprinkle your site with CTAs to make the digital journey feel like a guided tour rather than an aimless wander that leaves users struggling to find direction, encountering dead ends, and leaving feeling frustrated.

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CTR or click-through rate

The CTR measures how many people click on your ad. To calculate the CTR of an ad, take the number of clicks and divide it by the number of impressions, or number of times an ad has been viewed. Don’t worry, we have people for that.

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This is not the feeling you get after watching a touching movie. It’s the number of times an ad is fetched and displayed on a user’s screen, which is valuable for estimating the potential exposure of an ad campaign. Impressions can help you understand the frequency with which an ad is shown to the same user, which is important for ad targeting and ad fatigue management.

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KPI or key performance indicator

It’s what you use to measure your success. Think of it as a report card and you’re grading CTRs, impressions, or any other metric you’re interested in.

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Landing page

It’s where your ad sends people. Imagine your ad as a taxi dropping you off at a cool party. The landing page is the entrance to the party, and it better be enticing!

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Organic reach

No, it’s not about growing pesticide-free vegetables. It’s about how many people see your content without any paid promotion. In other words, it’s like getting free high fives from strangers.

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QR code

These things are everywhere lately. Super convenient and super easy to implement, you scan them with your phone, and they reveal hidden messages. Or take you to a website. Same thing, really.

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Think of this as the friendly reminder that follows you around online after you’ve visited a website. It’s like the internet’s version of the paparazzi that keeps capturing your attention. To implement retargeting, a tracking pixel or code is added to your website. This code collects data on users’ behaviors, such as the pages they visit, products they view, or actions they take. And yes, we have people for that, too.

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ROI or return on investment

It’s how much money you make compared to how much you spend on ads. If it’s good, it’s like finding $20 in your pocket.

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SEM or search engine marketing

SEM is a digital marketing strategy that involves promoting a website or online content through paid advertising on search engines like Google or Bing. Think of it as the VIP section of digital marketing. You’re essentially cutting the line and getting your website to the front page of the internet (aka, a fast pass to online visibility).

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SEO or search engine optimization

This is the science and art of optimizing your website with strategic keywords, quality content, and technical enhancements. SEO helps your website climb the ladder of organic search engine rankings. The higher it climbs, the more visible your website becomes. See how our Director of Digital Marketing stays on the leading edge of an ever-evolving landscape in his Digital 101 blog.

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SMM or social media marketing

This involves using social media platforms to connect with your audience, build brand awareness, and promote products or services. You’re not only inviting your loyal clientele but also the extended network of friends, acquaintances, and the occasional gate-crasher. It’s the art of hosting a sophisticated online gathering that captivates, engages, and leaves a lasting impression.

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UX or user experience

It’s how people feel when they interact with your website or app. Think of it as the interior design of the digital world. Make it comfortable, easy to navigate, and engaging and visitors will stay for a while.

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404 error

Uh oh. When you click a link and get a 404 error, it’s basically the internet saying, “Sorry, that page is on vacation.” Regular audits, updates, and backups can help reduce the occurrence of 404 errors, ensuring a smoother and more user-friendly experience for visitors. Sounds like a lot of work…but we have people for that as well.

On that note, we’re thankful you stopped by and wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for even more turkey talk when we dive into the world of print. Who says it’s dead?

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